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Giant panda, as a flagship species of biodiversity conservation in the world, is a unique ecological protection and cultural symbol with the highest international recognition of China, and is also a friendly envoy for foreign exchange and international cooperation of China. As the only megalopolis having captive and wild giant panda resources in the world, Chengdu owns unique and rich wildlife resources. It also has the international top-ranking scientific research team for the protection of giant pandas. Chengdu is known as the city of pandas, and its superior location has allowed it to establish the number one brand of scientific research, conservation education, and educational tourism on protection of giant pandas within the global range.

With the protection of giant pandas as the core, surrounding the main functions of scientific research, conservation education, international communication, tourism and leisure, cultural creativity, outdoor sport, etc., and mainly aiming to construct a global model of protection, the window of ecological civilization, and the focal point of park city, this project will create a name card of China, and set an example of ecological and civilized city with harmony between nature and people. Based in Chengdu, and facing the world, this project will naturally combine the ecological and cultural value of giant pandas with the beautiful and habitable park city of Chengdu, and it meets the national, provincial and municipal planning and development objectives. Now, we officially release the international consultation on the overall positioning and conceptual masterplan of this project.

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